about to be washed out...

KeinKash is a project that I have been mulling over for about 11 years.

It began as an illustration of a lonely female figure on a bridge, and has moved on to acorns. I can understand that this might confuse you. It is because there is a lot I can say about KeinKash, but it won’t make much sense like this. At the moment it is a jumbled ball of roots waiting to take hold in fertile ground, become stable, grow and finally bear fruits. And I hope this will happen soon, because I can feel it twitching every day. When I say soon, I don’t mean next year.

My mother always said “don’t be impatient”. I say, I have been patient (and latent) for 11 years. My mother also used to say “Stop dawdling. Get a move on”.

I am writing this on August 8, 2011